Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology

We offer a variety of testing, from routine to esoteric. Automation, including in-house developed technology, allows for rapid turnaround times and the best quality the industry has to offer. We are one of the only laboratories to offer newborn drug testing on umbilical cord tissue and our experts continually improve on the test’s efficacy and expand on the drugs detected.

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Clinical Chemistry Topics


Thiopurine Metabolites in Red Blood Cells

Measurement of thiopurine metabolites may be useful to identify risk of toxicity after the initiation of thiopurine drug therapy, and may also be used to monitor adherence to therapy or optimize dosing.

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Soluble Mesothelin Related Peptides (MESOMARK®)

MESOMARK, the first serum-based mesothelin biomarker, continues to be relevant for mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is easiest to treat and has the best outcomes when it is found early and monitored routinely.

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Noninvasive Liver Testing

FibroMeter utilizes an expert system to detect anomalous profiles and maximize diagnostic reliability.

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Prostate Cancer (phi and 4Kscore)

Evidence suggests Prostate Health Index (phi) is more efficient at prostate cancer detection than testing for total and free PSA alone.

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Calculi (Stone) Testing

ARUP offers a comprehensive menu to assess patients with kidney stone disease.

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Indications for Autoimmune Diabetes Mellitus Insulin Antibody Testing

This testing is most useful in establishing autoimmune etiology in previously diagnosed type 1 DM.

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Lipid Particle Analysis

Every 36 seconds, one person in the U.S. dies from cardiovascular disease. LipoFit by NMR is a competitive alternative to lipid particle analysis tests. High-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology is used to measure a patient’s lipoprotein particle number and size.


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Targeted Drug Profiles for Compliance Monitoring

ARUP’s unique approach to pain management patient monitoring offers physicians multiple choices. As a complement to our qualitative mass spectrometry panels, ARUP offers physicians an immunoassay with auto reflex to LC/MS/MS quantitative results.

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Newborn Drug Testing

Timely detection of in utero drug exposure is critical for effective detection and management of intoxication, withdrawal syndrome, and long-term needs (social and medical) for exposed neonates.


ARUP's Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology Experts

Our board-certified medical directors provide a full range of consultative and diagnostic services. These highly respected industry experts actively work with other doctors and scientists to create guidelines for patient care, including the AACC Practice Guidelines for Pain Management.

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