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On a recent morning, the Blood Bank at University of Utah Hospital resembled any other laboratory. Medical laboratory scientists wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) worked bent over their benches while a handful of colleagues typed on keyboards or talked on telephones nearby.

Joshua M. Zimmerman, MD, can visualize several scenarios in which he could use granular data about a patient’s transfusion risk to better prepare his patients for surgery. With the right information, the medical director of the preoperative clinic at University of Utah Health could intervene weeks or days before a surgery to minimize a patient’s risk for transfusion.

As a kid growing up in Pinedale, Wyoming, Sierra Cunningham loved science.

In middle school, her investigation into the efficacy of antibacterial soap versus hand sanitizer earned her a trip to the Wyoming State Science Fair. In high school, whenever field science classes presented an opportunity for her to traipse out into the nearby Wind River Range to put what she was learning into practice, she was there.

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