We’re not just a national reference lab; we also oversee a community hospital lab and understand the day-to-day struggles our clients face.

Keeping testing close to the patient requires efficient operations and a comprehensive test menu. Our experts provide an on-site evaluation for your internal and external labs, helping you prioritize improvements by potential impact and ease of implementation.


Keep critical testing close to the patient

Insourcing Evaluation

By keeping critical testing in-house, you can establish your lab as a value center while demonstrating a commitment to cost containment.

We’ll help:

  • Identify viable opportunities that work with your existing infrastructure
  • Develop an in-depth cost analysis
  • Review break-even volumes 
  • Create a five-year projection with parameters:
    • annual change in payer mix
    • annual change in reimbursement
    • annual change in direct and indirect costs
Reduce waste and inefficiency

Technical Operations Assessment

Our consultants and industrial engineers are Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified. They work every day to find lab workflow improvements and can share best practices from a variety of facility/client types. Let our team help you prioritize improvements based on potential impact and ease of implementation.

Evaluate operations:



  • Patient service centers
  • Courier services
  • Client services
  • Staffing and workflow functionality
  • Front-end processes
  • Specimen flow
  • Pre-analytical automation
  • Specimen receiving, registration, and processing



  • Space/layout design
  • Waste reduction with application of Lean principles
  • Technical automation
  • Testing platforms
  • Specimen storage and retrieval



  • Test result reporting
  • Billing and collections


Be inspection ready

CAP Readiness and Response Assessment

See your lab through the eyes of a regulatory inspector to help maximize your resources and improve your prospects for a successful inspection. 

Whether you’re preparing for your first inspection or addressing deficiencies, our team will provide a customized plan to improve policy/procedure development and standardization, as well as review and resolve inspection deficiencies.

Consultation includes:

  • A pre-visit review of documents (e.g., instrumentation lists, test volumes, related data, etc.)
  • Interviews with key stakeholders and staff to understand goals and challenges
  • An on-site evaluation of policies, procedures, and most recent CAP findings
Enhance your quality management system

Quality Management System Assessment

An effective quality management system increases efficiency across all aspects of laboratory operations. By investing the time and commitment to develop an enhanced quality management system, laboratories can decrease their costs while increasing revenue and profits.

Our assessment will help you:

  • Identify and close gaps with an in depth, personalized assessment
  • Streamline your workflow and processes with advanced metrics.
  • Strengthen your standards to achieve ISO accreditation.

Brian Jackson, MD

“We take the time to understand our clients—their unique workflows and their customers’ needs.”

Brian Jackson, MD, MS
Medical Director of Business Development, IT, and Support Services