The Institute for Clinical and Experimental Research® is focused on the development of new diagnostic assays in a wide range of disciplines. Researchers at the institute regularly publish in respected, peer-reviewed journals, give presentations at national and international organizations, author books and book chapters, and develop new tests.

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Recent Publications

Schmidt R, Layfield LJ. Authors Response: The Milan System for Reporting Salivary Gland Cytopathology: A Study of Inter-Observer Reproducibility. Diagnostic Cytopathology 2020;48(3):287. 

Wojewoda CM, Anderson NW, Humphries RM, Martin IW, Mathison BA, McMullen AR, Nolte FS, Peaper DR, Pillai DR, Rauch CA, Rhoads DD, Sharp SE, She RC, Simner PJ, Sullivan KV, Theel ES, Theiss AM, Thomson RB Jr, Pritt BS. College of American Pathologists (CAP) Microbiology Committee Perspective: The Need for Verification Studies. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2020; 58(4). pii: e02105-19.

Erickson JA, Case K, Neider C, Johnson LM. Stool reducing sugars and stool pH are poor screening tests for intestinal disaccharidase deficiencies in children. The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine 2020;5(2):257-262.

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He L, Rockwood AL, Agarwal AM, Anderson LC, Weisbrod CR, Hendrickson CL, Marshall AG. Top-down Proteomics-A Near-Future Technique for Clinical Diagnosis? Annals of Translational Medicine 2020;8(4),136.

Radhakrishnan SV, Luetkens T, Scherer SD, Davis P, Vander Mause ER, Olson ML, Yousef S, Panse J, Abdiche Y, Li KD, Miles RR, Matsui W, Welm AL, Atanackovic D. CD229 CAR T Cells Eliminate Multiple Myeloma and Tumor Propagating Cells Without Fratricide. Nature Communications 2020;11(1):798.

Hong SL, Dellicour S, Vrancken B, Suchard MA, Pyne MT, Hillyard DR, Lemey P, Baele G. In search for covariates of HIV-1 subtype B spread in the United States - A cautionary tale of Large-scale Bayesian phylogeogrphy. Viruses 2020;12(2).

Nix DA, Hellwig S, Conley C, Alun T, Fuertes C, Hamil C, Bhetariya P, Garrido-Laguno I, Marth G, Bronner MP,Underhill HR. The stochastic nature of errors in next-generation sequencing of circulating cell-free DNA. PLoS One 2020;15(2):e0229063.

Hoshitsuki K, Crews KR, Yang W, Smith CA, Hankins JS, Turner AJ, Broeckel U, McMillin GA, Relling MV, Haidar CE. Challenges in clinical implementation of CYP2D6 genotyping: choice of variants to test affects phenotype determination. Genetics in Medicine 2020;22(1):232-233.

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Lu J, Grenache DJ. Development of an Automated Enzymatic Method to Quantify Pyruvate Kinase in Red Blood Cells. The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine 2020;5(1):54-61.

Kushnir MM, Peterson LK, Strathmann FG. Parathyroid Hormone Related Protein (PTHrP) in Cerebrospinal Fluid in Health and Disease. Clinical Laboratory International 2020;16-18.