STAT Testing

Clients requesting STAT testing must contact ARUP’s Client Services Department. Client Services will immediately contact the appropriate laboratory for approval. If the request is approved, ARUP will ensure that testing is performed as promptly as possible.

ARUP realizes that situations arise which may make it impossible to obtain approval in advance (e.g., when the specimen is already in transit or already at ARUP at the time STAT is requested). In these situations, please contact Client Services as soon as possible.

ARUP will assess a STAT testing fee for each STAT test performed. A STAT call-in fee will also be assessed if a technologist must be called in to perform the testing after normal laboratory operating hours. A STAT transport fee may be assessed if special transport is required.

To order STAT testing or to ask questions regarding ARUP’s procedure, please contact ARUP Client Services.

Test Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is defined as the usual number of hours or days between the time a specimen is received at ARUP and the time a result is released. Testing schedules may change. Contact Client Services for information about current testing schedules.

Holiday Coverage

ARUP recognizes the following as official holidays:

New Year’s Day January 1
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Third Monday in January
Presidents’ Day Third Monday in February
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Independence Day July 4
Labor Day First Monday in September
Thanksgiving Fourth Thursday in November
Christmas December 25

Efforts are made to maintain service during these holidays. Some assay schedules are adjusted to accommodate the altered workflow resulting from these holidays. Holidays occurring on a Saturday are observed on Friday, while holidays occurring on a Sunday are observed on Monday. If you have questions regarding testing schedules, please contact Client Services.

Crisis Contingency Plan

ARUP maintains a corporate Contingency Plan for Crisis Recovery and Business Continuation. The purpose of this plan is to ensure prompt recovery of ARUP Laboratories’ critical business functions in the event of a crisis affecting any aspect of our continued patient care service. In the event of a local, regional, or national crisis which adversely affects timely delivery of specimens to ARUP facilities, ARUP will expeditiously initiate specific Client Notification Procedures to provide clients with necessary information and instruction on prearranged transportation and testing alternatives.