Specimen and Order Submission Quick Tips

  • Submit one specimen per test.
    • Tip: Avoid submitting one specimen for multiple tests (especially across ordering systems [e.g., Interface/Connect/Manual Requisitions]), as this can delay results and contribute to compromised specimens.
    • Allergen testing: Submit only one specimen (in an ARUP Standard Transport Tube) for all allergen tests that are ordered. Refer to the ARUP Laboratory Test Directory for volume requirements.
  • Submit specimens at the temperature listed in the “Storage/Transport Temperature” section of the ARUP Laboratory Test Directory.
    • Tip: This helps mitigate any risks (repeat testing, shipping delays) associated with delays in the preanalytic and analytic phases of testing.
  • Use ARUP barcoded, temperature-specific, color-coded bags.
    • Tip: This helps our clients, couriers, and internal ARUP team members easily identify the optimal temperature for maintaining patient specimens.
  • Use ARUP specimen kits (ARUP supply #47808) when submitting blocks, plastic slide mailers, and DNA scroll or bullet tubes.
    • Tip: Bigger doesn’t always equal better, but in this case, it does! The ARUP specimen kit helps protect small specimens and prevent them from being overlooked or misplaced during all aspects of the preanalytic phase (including client-site preparation and courier transport).

For more details, please see our list of information and handling instructions below. 

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