To help you find actionable opportunities for improvement, ARUP has created an array of analytics and reporting tools that provide up-to-date insights on how your organization is doing before, during, and after an intervention.

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Data consultants

What’s the Advantage of Working With ARUP?

Data are only powerful with analysis and context. Our data consultants provide automated analysis, which includes a display of your top opportunities for intervention so that you can act quickly on emerging trends. Our healthcare consultants then provide recommendations for how to intervene in various scenarios, and they are always available for consultation on next steps.

Track Referral Testing With the AnalyticsDx™ Sendout Dashboard

Provided at no additional cost to clients, our AnalyticsDx™ Sendout Dashboard is perfect for monitoring the referral testing you send to ARUP. This dashboard enables you to do the following.

AnalyticsDx™ Sendout Dashboard

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Capture Opportunities for Improvement With the AnalyticsDx™ Comprehensive Dashboard

Do you want to align your test menus, monitor reference laboratory usage, and monitor test volumes throughout the health system, all in one place?

Our AnalyticsDx™ Comprehensive Dashboard analyzes and visually displays in-house laboratory data (inpatient and outpatient), sendout laboratory data, and pharmacy data to help you optimize utilization, display charge data and provider utilization, and monitor trends and opportunities for savings. Built-in utilization algorithms automatically identify and alert you of potential improvements.

Additionally, you’ll have the ability to filter by diagnosis-related group (DRG) and view variations in the following:

  • Laboratory and pharmacy charges, broken out by insurance group (Medicare/Medicaid, commercial, private pay, and individual payer plan)
  • Average length of stay by DRG
  • Test utilization percentages per DRG
  • Pharmacy stewardship initiatives (track, monitor, and optimize them)
  • Utilization by provider specialty and individual provider

Identify Top Utilization Interventions With the Analyzing Test Ordering Patterns™ (ATOP®) Report

With so much raw data, it can be difficult for organizations to access, organize, interpret, and distribute meaningful information to end users. Our ATOP® report provides a deep dive into your top opportunities for intervention. Each report is customized with current industry recommendations and reviewed by one of our healthcare consultants for additional insights.

A 2018 survey of ARUP clients found that ~$1M in savings from the ATOP report were achieved over the course of a year.