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Insights for busy laboratory leaders who want to contribute to systemwide cost savings and improve patient care.

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69% of physicians order unnecessary tests at least once a week

Why Choose AnalyticsDx?

Easy-to-access data is critical for value-based care initiatives.

ARUP's dashboards have intuitive visuals and reporting options to help you implement the right intervention at the right time for the best outcome.


AnalyticsDx™ Comprehensive

Optimize Workflows

Your Answer to Better Analytics

Monitor your inpatient, outpatient, outreach, and sendout testing in real time and never miss an opportunity for better utilization again.

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AnalyticsDx™ Sendout

Do More With Your ARUP Data

Track your testing sent to ARUP to optimize your spend and lab performance with real-time analytics—provided at no additional cost.

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Which Solution Is Right For You?

AnalyticsDx offers insights into your laboratory operations without taking up valuable IT resources. Compare the Comprehensive and Sendout solutions here.

AnalyticsDx Sendout Dashboard
AnalyticsDx Comprehensive Dashboard
Review inpatient, outpatient, outreach, and sendout data ARUP-only data Data for all testing provided by the user
Easily share access with select members via a secure portal Single sign-on via ARUP Connect Single sign-on via ARUP Connect
Transfer data using encrypted methods N/A ARUP uses a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) to transfer data to a secure, HIPAA-compliant database
Compare benchmarks with those of peers Data is only available from ARUP clients on sendout testing Not available at this time
Filter by diagnosis-related group (DRG), provider details, patient type, or other common hospital metrics Laboratory-focused filters, including facility, test name, topic, etc, are available Filters include topics, DRGs, provider information, and more
Identify costs and volumes associated with increased lengths of stay N/A Use multiple dashboards to gain a holistic view of orders, reimbursements, etc.
Review highlighted stewardship opportunities and recommendations Stewardship opportunities are highlighted in orange, and links to ARUP Consult are shared for decision support Stewardship opportunities are highlighted in orange; targeted recommendations and links to ARUP Consult for decision support are provided
Compare provider statistics to resolve point-of-care challenges N/A Compare by specialty, name, type, and multiple other filters
Monitor turnaround times and workflow Only available for sendout testing Filter by month, day, turnaround time aggregation, etc. for the lab you want to monitor
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