Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC), the international standard for coding laboratory results, provides universal code names and identifiers for laboratory tests and other medical terminology that can be used in medical health records. LOINC facilitates interoperability and communication within healthcare networks by providing a standard vocabulary for the universal identification of laboratory tests. Individual laboratories can map their local laboratory testing codes to LOINC to facilitate the clear transmission of medical information via electronic messages to other entities (e.g., public health laboratories, payors, and other health care institutions). Given the increasingly connected nature of healthcare, standardization to a universal coding system allows for the smooth aggregation of laboratory results from multiple facilities for clinical care, research, and outcome management.

ARUP systematically assigns LOINC to its assays. These codes are provided in the spreadsheet below.

LOINC Codes Spreadsheet

Additional questions about LOINC may be emailed to loinc@aruplab.com or routed through ARUP Client Services.