Our goal is to support clients as they provide top-tier patient care. To accomplish that goal, we offer everything from routine tests to esoteric panels that clients cannot feasibly perform in-house. Testing is performed in our 65 laboratories, jointly located on ARUP’s main campus in Salt Lake City, Utah. And because ARUP maintains ISO 15189 accreditation, clients can always expect accurate, reliable results.

tests-microscopeAnatomic Pathology

We provide a full range of pathology services, including expert consultation by University of Utah faculty.


tests-chemistryChemistry & Toxicology

More than 750 tests, with a special focus improving turnaround times and quality through automation and technology



We specialize in molecular genetics, genomics, cytogenetics, genomic microarray, and biochemical genetics, with medical directors available for pre- and posttest consultation



Testing for infectious disease serology, immunocompetence assessment, and immunodeficiency diagnoses, as well as specific panels for the evaluation of autoimmune disorders


tests-bacteriaInfectious Disease

Expertise in antimicrobial resistance, rapid organism identification by mass spectrometry and sequencing, and molecular methods for organism identification, quantification, and genotyping



We have developed one of the largest pediatric databases in the laboratory industry to make sure your smallest patients receive the right testing and care



Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, ARUP's oncology testing provides answers to important clinical questions in the areas of prediction, diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring, and therapeutic triage of malignancies.



We provide routine and esoteric testing for bleeding and thrombotic disorders. The division is supported by R&D scientists who are focused on new test development



ARUP’s hematopathology section offers state-of-the-art ancillary testing and expert consultation by University of Utah faculty


womanWomen's Health

We provide a comprehensive menu of tests for women of all ages and at all life stages