Assess Menopausal Status Using FDA-Cleared MenoCheck Test

The MenoCheck test uses very sensitive anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) measurements to aid clinicians in assessing an individual's menopausal status. This test will enable better care for those who may be experiencing menopausal transition.

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3016862 Anti-Müllerian Hormone With Menopausal Status (MenoCheck)

This test may provide valuable information to providers and patients to aid:

  • Decision-making about contraception
  • Risk assessment for diseases such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease
  • Treatment planning for menopausal symptoms

Why Choose ARUP?


FDA Cleared

The MenoCheck test is FDA cleared to aid in determination of menopausal status in individuals starting at 42 years of age. MenoCheck uses AMH concentrations to determine whether an individual is more or less than 5 years from a final menstrual period.


AMH-Based Assay

Unlike other hormones used to predict the time to final menstrual period, AMH typically does not fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle. AMH therefore provides a more reliable marker to assess menopausal status.


High Sensitivity

The AMH assay offered by ARUP is the only commercially available assay that is sensitive enough to detect ultralow concentrations of AMH in perimenopausal individuals.


Expert Guidance

Our medical directors guide test development and are available for consultation on test ordering and results interpretation.


Example Report and Graph Interpretation

Results from the MenoCheck test indicate whether an individual is greater or less than five years from a final menstrual period, or past the final menstrual period.

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