Look Inside ARUP

Our Values

Aside from our stellar benefits package and flexibility, our company culture will make you proud to work at ARUP. Here is a quick summary of our values:


Patients First

When you work at ARUP, you know that you’re helping patients from around the nation.



Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

We value our employees, and we offer many opportunities for employees to make their voices heard, such as employee engagement groups and an anonymous online feedback forum.



Mental Health Support

Through ARUP’s Family Health Clinic, our benefits include mental health coverage, awareness events, and access to an employee assistance program (EAP) to support employees.




We collaborate, share ideas, and give constructive feedback to improve patient care and workplace conditions.




We strive for excellence in every division. Our continuous improvement as a laboratory and as an employer helps patients and employees alike.




We host plenty of departmental and corporate events to give employees the opportunity to relax, connect, and have fun together.


What Our Employees Say


Cilene, Processing Support Tech II

The work you do here is not mindless or meaningless. Every specimen I touch, I know that it is linked to someone with a medical issue who is waiting for results.”

Alexandria, Associate Scientist

“ARUP has made it so easy to go back to school—so now I’m earning my MLS degree. I’ll be able to finish debt free and end up with a higher salary.”

Ryosetsu, Processing Lead

“Working in Specimen Processing is a great entry into the lab field; it can also lead to other jobs, outside the lab, in the company.”

Megan, Group Manager

“ARUP is open 24/7, so you can get all kinds of super creative shifts. Whatever works for you, you can find it here.”