ARUP’s annual Client Satisfaction Survey delivered rave reviews. Ninety-one percent of our clients say they love our services and would recommend us to others in the lab industry.


ARUP Laboratories has renamed its expert team of healthcare consultants as ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services. The new name better reflects the broad service offerings the team can provide.


Tucked inside the bill that President Biden signed to raise the national debt ceiling was a holiday gift for clinical laboratories and Medicare patients.


Managing the challenge of a global healthcare crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic requires collaboration, clear and abundant communication, and planning to allow a healthcare system to adapt.


Andrew Fletcher, MD, medical director of Consultative Services at ARUP Laboratories, and ARUP’s Consultative Services team, led by Sandy Richman, are honored with 2021 Choosing Wisely Champion Awards.


ARUP Laboratories’ inaugural Lab Leadership Symposium, “Creating Connections: Advancing Your Lab’s Value in the Healthcare System” will be held Thursday, October 21, 2021.


Crisis often fuels innovation, and the COVID-19 pandemic has been no exception. Innovations that improve access to laboratory testing have accelerated since the pandemic began, an ARUP medical director says, and if clinical laboratories embrace such innovations while also mitigating risks, they…


As more health systems merge, Brian Jackson, MD, MS, feels hospital leadership needs a deeper understanding of clinical and operational relationships.


With ARUP Connect™, clients can access their test orders and records, order supplies, and otherwise interact online easily with ARUP regardless of where they are, using a simple laptop and password.


Among the 650 comments shared in the 2018 Client Satisfaction Survey, fewer than 5 percent were negative.

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