Women experience unique healthcare needs throughout their lives, during pregnancy and menopause and in the event of gynecologic diseases and disorders. ARUP Laboratories is the healthcare partner you can count on to offer a complete spectrum of laboratory testing for patients at every life stage. We give you the support you need to provide excellent care to women of all ages.

Why Test with ARUP?


All the tests you need in one place

We provide a comprehensive menu of tests for women of all ages and at all life stages. From risk assessment to screening to diagnosis to management, we have your testing needs covered.


Access to medical experts

When you partner with ARUP for your women’s health testing, you gain access to our medical experts and genetic counselors. No matter what testing questions you have, we are here to assist.


Value beyond the test

Clients whose hospitals or health systems test with ARUP receive access to advisory services and tools that provide you with tailored solutions to build your lab’s value proposition. 

New Test Highlight: 3016862 Anti-Mullerian Hormone With Menopausal Status (MenoCheck)

The MenoCheck test uses very sensitive anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) measurements to aid clinicians in assessing an individual's menopausal status. This test will enable better care for those who may be experiencing menopausal transition.

Learn more here: Assess Menopausal Status Using FDA-Cleared MenoCheck Test

Our Test Menu

ARUP offers an extensive test menu that includes everything from routine laboratory tests to complex genetic panels, allowing you to consolidate testing and improve continuity of care.

Learn more about the tests we offer:


Pregnancy and Prenatal Testing

From preconception to delivery, we offer the tests you need for mother and baby.

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Diagnosis and Health Management

Whether it’s for routine screening or diagnosis of a complex condition, we have the right test for you.

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Cancer Risk Assessment and Screening

We offer a broad selection of tests for all aspects of cancer care, from risk assessment to surveillance.

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Our Experts

Our high-quality tests are backed by nationally and internationally recognized pathologists, subspecialty-qualified clinicians, board-certified clinical scientists, genetic counselors, and clinical variant scientists. Our experts are available to provide support and answer your questions about ordering, results interpretation, and logistical issues.

More than 100 medical directors are available for consultation, interpretation, and collaboration with clients. Our medical directors work cross-departmentally to help you provide the best patient care.

lab-coatMedical Experts

Our dedicated genetic counselors are on hand to guide you through the entire continuum of genetic testing, from appropriate test selection to testing coordination and customized reporting. Let us help you find the right test for your patient.


Genetic Counselors

Educational Resources

ARUP Consult is a free laboratory test selection tool that provides context for more than 2,000 tests. See the ARUP Consult Laboratory Testing in Reproductive Medicine topic to learn more.