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ARUP's Laboratory Test Directory

ARUP's Laboratory Test Directory (LTD) contains complete, up-to-date test information, including methodology and reporting times, collection and transportation specifications, reference intervals, test notes, and CPT codes. Clients can access entries via an A to Z index and search by test name, key word, test number, or mnemonic.

Wildcard Searching

The * wildcard is used to search for many letters within a word and can be used when the spelling, suffix, or prefix of the search term are in question: e.g., manage* = management, manages, managed, manager, etc.; d*ing = divorcing, dividing, droning, etc.

The ? wildcard is used to search for a single letter within a word and can be used when the spelling of the search term is in question: e.g., h?t = hat, hit, hot, etc. (but will NOT find heat).

Now Available: McKesson Z-Codes available through Connect

McKesson Diagnostics Exchange Z-Codes

The McKesson Diagnostics Exchange is an online test registry and workflow solution that laboratories and diagnostics manufacturers use to submit information about their specific molecular diagnostics (MDx) tests, and providers and payers use to understand and evaluate new and existing tests. The McKesson Diagnostics Exchange assigns a unique Z code identifier to each diagnostic test and adds it to the test registry catalog for reference and review by other stakeholders in the healthcare system.

To access the McKesson Z-Codes, you must be a registered user of the McKesson Diagnostic Exchange™.

To Obtain ARUP Z-Codes

  • Navigate to ARUP Connect.
  • Log in utilizing your ARUP Connect account username and password
    • Contact the ARUP Connect administrator at your facility to obtain an ARUP Connect account username and password.
    • If you do not have an ARUP Connect account, contact ARUP clients services (800-522-2787) to determine the ARUP Connect administrator at your facility.
  • McKesson Z-Codes will be listed under the Connect Focus section.
  • Click on the plus button to expand the topic and follow the steps outlined.

Click here to register for a McKesson Diagnostic Exchange account.

Test Change Alert Feature

The new test change alert feature gives users a heads up if a test they’re viewing is going to be changed or inactivated with the next quarterly or immediate changes Hotline.

This alert feature is available at point of care for users seeking test guidelines and ordering recommendations; it does not replace Hotline communication emails.

A bold blue box with white lettering will appear at the top of the LTD entry above the test name. The box will show the effective date of the change. Clicking on the box will pull up a document (typically a Hotline) that will detail the changes being made to that test.

This new change alert feature will:

  • Notify users of upcoming test information changes or inactivations
  • Allow ARUP to communication these changes clearly and accurately
  • Keep our clients in the know

Customized Pricing

Customized pricing, already available via ARUP Connect, is now also available in the LTD. Save time on calls to Client Services by accessing your lab's customized pricing information online. Primary testing, reflex testing, and final price range are included.

Look for the “Click here for your pricing” link below the CPT Code(s) on a test page.

Please note: You must be logged into ARUP Connect to access this feature; if you’re not logged in, the link will take you to the Connect login page. Once you log in, you will be directed to the custom pricing for that test.