Pandemic Pay is a program employees will be able to use for COVID-19-related absences. This program will provide up to 40 hours of paid time for employees who are required to stay home and are unable to work due to COVID-19. With the Family Health Clinic’s certification, Pandemic Pay may be used if you are ill with symptoms of COVID-19 (see Symptom Guidance) or if you are asymptomatic but are asked to quarantine at home due to a potential exposure. If you require more time off, you may use regular paid time off and other accruals for the remainder of your absence.

To be eligible for Pandemic Pay, you must initiate a case using the clinic’s COVID-19 Exposure and/or Symptom Reporting Tool, which you can access on the clinic’s web page. After you have created a case, the tool will provide instructions regarding your specific situation; you then may apply for Pandemic Pay if you must stay home and remote work is not an option. You can submit a request for Pandemic Pay using this form.