ARUP Blood Services has announced the rollout of its Whole Blood Titan program, which will encourage donations of low-titer, type O blood that is vital to saving lives in emergency situations.


The FDA now recommends the same assessment questions for all donors, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. ARUP Blood Services is one of the first donor centers to update processes in response.


Blood donor centers across the country struggle to fulfill hospital demand for blood in the summer. ARUP Blood Services will host three public blood drives this summer to help patients in need.


The Hussey and Shober families host an annual blood drive each March to honor a beloved family member who died in childbirth.


The Spring 2023 edition of Magnify: The Art and Science of Diagnostic Medicine, is now available online and explores the legacy and future of transfusion medicine at ARUP.

ARUP Blood Services works day in and day out to collect blood products essential to patient care in Utah. Each day presents new and different challenges, yet there are always patients in urgent need of blood transfusions.

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