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March 23, 2023

The Spring 2023 edition of ARUP Laboratories’ magazine, Magnify: The Art and Science of Diagnostic Medicine, is now available online.

The newly published edition offers a look at the legacy and future of transfusion medicine at ARUP and the individuals optimizing blood banking, immunohematology, and transfusion medicine technologies to improve patient care.

In this issue:

  • Explore the history of transfusion medicine at ARUP and read about the individuals who helped shepherd ARUP and University of Utah Health through enormous change and advancement.
  • Meet Ryan Metcalf, MD, CQA(ASQ), section chief of Transfusion Medicine at ARUP and U of U Health and medical director of the Transfusion Service, and learn about his initiatives to optimize patient blood management and clinical practice through data.
  • Meet Waseem Anani, MD, the new medical director of ARUP Blood Services and the Immunohematology Reference Lab. He is pushing the boundaries of esoteric testing to produce new lifesaving therapies.
  • Learn about Sanguine, a new data visualization tool for use in patient blood management.

Read these and other articles in the latest edition of Magnify, and find previous issues here.


Camryn Fife,