• Receive discounts on eyeglasses, lenses, and contacts
  • Free comprehensive eye exam through ARUP medical plan
  • $10 basic eye exam through EyeMed
  • Providers nationwide
  • When you see a PLUS Provider, members receive an additional 
    $50 frame allowance and $0 exam copay.

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EyeMed Vision Care

Vision Resources
Vision Plan
Vision care servicesSee a participating providerSee a nonparticipating provider
Exam with dilation as necessary$10 copay$46 allowance
Contact Lens Fit and Follow-Up1
Standard Contact Lens Fit & Follow-Up 
Premium Contact Lens Fit & Follow-Up
Up to $55 
10% off retail
not available
Retinal ImagingUp to $39not available
Discounts available on all frames except when prohibited by the manufacturer$0 copay 
$150 allowance 
80% of charge over $150
Up to $50
Standard plastic lenses
Single vision 
Standard Progressive Lens 
Premium Progressive Lens3 
–Tier 1 
–Tier 2 
–Tier 3 
–Tier 4 
$25 copay 
$25 copay 
$25 copay 
$90 copay 
$110–$135 copay 
$110 copay 
$120 copay 
$135 copay 
$90 copay, 80% of charge less $120 allowance 
$25 copay
Up to $55 allowance 
Up to $75 allowance 
Up to $95 allowance 
Up to $75 
Up to $75 
Up to $75 
Up to $75 
Up to $75 
Up to $95
Lens options
UV Treatment 
Tint (Solid and Gradient) 
Standard Plastic Scratch Coating 
Standard Polycarbonate 
Standard Polycarbonate–Kids under 19 
Standard Anti-Reflective Coating 
Premium Anti-Reflective Coating3 
–Tier 1 
–Tier 2 
–Tier 3 
Other Add-Ons and Services
80% of charge 
20% off retail price 
20% off retail price
not available
Contact lenses (applies to materials only)
Medically necessary
$0 copay, $150 allowance, 15% off balance over $150 
$0 copay, $150 allowance, plus balance over $150 
$0 copay, paid in full
Up to $105 allowance 
Up to $105 allowance 
Up to $200 allowance
Laser Vision Correction
Lasik or PRK from U.S. Laser Network15% off retail price or 5% off promotional pricenot available
Lenses or contact lenses 
Once every 12 months 
Once every 12 months 
Once every 24 months

1Standard contact lens fitting: spherical clear contact lenses in conventional wear and planned replacement (examples include by not limited to disposable, frequent replacement, etc.) 
Premium contact lens fitting: all lens designs, materials and specialty fittings other than standard contact lenses (examples include toric, multifocal, etc.) 
2 Frame, lenses, and lens option discounts apply only when purchasing a complete pair of eyeglasses. If purchased separately, members receive 20% off the retail price. 
3 Premium progressives and premium anti-reflective designations are subject to annual review by EyeMed's Medical Director and are subject to change based on marked conditions. Fixed pricing is reflective of brands at the listed product level. All providers are not required to carry all brands at all levels.

Additional Discounts

  • Members will receive a 20 percent discount on items not covered by the plan at network providers, which may not be combined with any other discounts or promotional offers. The discount does not apply to provider’s professional services or contact lenses. Retail prices may vary by location.
  • Members receive a 40 percent discount off complete eyeglass purchases and a 15 percent discount off conventional contact lenses after the funded benefit has been used.
  • Members receive 15 percent off retail price or 5 percent off promotional price for Lasik or PRK from the U.S. Laser Network, owned and operated by LCA Vision. Because Lasik or PRK vision correction is an elective procedure, performed by specially trained providers, this discount may not always be available from a provider in a member’s immediate location. For the nearest location and discount authorization, please call 1-877-5LASER6.
  • After initial purchase, replacement contact lenses may be obtained via the Internet at competitive prices and mailed directly to the member. The contact lens benefit allowance is not applicable to this service.

Plan Limitations and Exclusions

  • Lost or broken materials are not covered.
  • Discounts do not apply for benefits provided by other group benefit plans. Allowances are one-time use benefits; no remaining balance.
  • Orthoptic or vision training, subnormal vision aids, and any associated supplemental testing.
  • Medical and/or surgical treatment of the eye, eyes, or supporting structures.
  • Services provided as a result of any Worker’s Compensation law.
  • Corrective eyewear required by an employer as a condition of employment, and safety eyewear unless specifically covered under plan.
  • Benefit is not available on certain frame brands for which the manufacturer imposes a no-discount policy.
  • Plano non-prescription lenses and non-prescription sunglasses (except for 20 percent discount).
  • Services or materials provided by any other group benefit providing for vision care.
  • Two pair of glasses in lieu of bifocals.
  • Aniseikonic lenses.
Vision Rates


Full Time (30-40 hours) and Part Time (20-29 hours)

Employee + One$12.72
Employee + Family$22.83
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