Remember to connect your FSA to your HealthJoy app for easy instant access to balance information.

  • Employees should select their benefit amount to reflect 24 pay periods.
  • Medical flexible spending limit is $2850.
  • Dependent Care flexible spending limit depends on your federal tax filing status. $5000 if you are married and filing a joint return or if you are a single parent. $2500 if you are married but filing separately.
  • Commuter benefit arrangement limit transportation: $280/month.
  • Commuter benefit arrangement limit parking: $280/month.

Employees are permitted the use of up to $570 of unused amounts in the health FSA in the immediate following plan year.

Registration ID:
Employer ID – NBS468933
Employee ID – Social Security Number (no / or -)

Be a Good Consumer

  • Submit all documentation by the end of March for the previous year.
  • Using flexible spending will save you $20-25 dollars for each $100 dollar benefit.
2021 FSA/DCA Updates

The Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA), signed at the end of 2020, included a variety of provisions affecting employer-sponsored benefit plans. Based on this new legislation, ARUP has elected to adopt an option that allows FSA participants to roll over all unused 2020 amounts into a 2021 DCFSA account. Along with that, any unused FSA funds at the end of 2021 will be able to be rolled over to 2022. This applies to Healthcare FSA funds, Limited FSA funds, and Dependent Care FSA funds.

If you have FSA funds from 2020 that you do not use before the prior year claims run-out period which ends on March 31st, 2021, those funds will automatically roll over into a 2021 account and you can use the funds to be reimbursed for 2021 expenses. Please note that these 2020 funds cannot be rolled until our prior year claims run-out period ends so you should expect to see your 2020 funds rolled to 2021 around the first of April. The timing of this process will work the same at the end of 2021 with any funds rolling over into 2022.

ARUP has also decided to adopt another optional provision that allows you to make a one-time, prospective change to your FSA election in 2021 without a qualifying event.

This means you can:

  • increase or decrease your current election
  • stop deductions going forward as long as you have not spent more than you have contributed
  • make an election midyear if you waived participation during open enrollment

In order to make this one-time change to your current election or to make a new election, you need to log into Ultipro any time in 2021 and do the life event titled “One-Time Flexible Spending Enroll/Change”.

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