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Prescription drug coverage is included under all ARUP medical plans

  • Navitus is the provider for pharmaceutical benefits 
  • Pharmacy information can be found on your medical card, or your Health Joy app
  • Generic medications are less expensive than brand name
  • For best pricing use grocery store pharmacies
  • Click here for Utah pharmacies
  • 90 day mail-order option
  • Specialty Access Program for help with cost of specialty medications
Tier Price

Tier 0 Preventive


Tier 1 Generic


Tier 2 Brand


Tier 3 Non-Preferred

35% up to $145


Pharmacy Information
Mail Order
Navitus Specialty Access Program

Beginning 1/1/2021, ARUP Laboratories is partnering with Navitus Specialty Access program which will provide you with personalized guidance and clinical expertise to help you find the most cost-effective solutions for your specialty medication(s).

  • Lumicera is our specialty medication pharmacy
  • You will have a Lumicera member services specialist helping you to navigate the program
  • Certain medications are covered on this program (indicated as Tier AF on the formulary)
  • Enrollment is mandatory for savings
  • Once approved there will be little or no cost to you
  • It will require prior authorization
  • You will have to provide W-2, social security number and driver’s license
  • If you choose not to participate in the program, you will be charged 100% of the cost of the medication
  • If medication does not qualify, the default copayment will be 35% of Rx up to max $145

To enroll, please contact a Lumicera member services specialist at 855-847-3556