eInvoice provides a secure, online location for clients to view, download, and print current and past invoices. Key benefits include filtering invoices, making payments via 3rd-party service, and reviewing up to a year’s worth of bills.

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Connect Pricing

Connect Pricing

Connect Pricing allows you to:

  • Access client-specific pricing within ARUP Connect.
  • Find pricing for primary testing and associated reflex testing, including final price range depending on scope of work performed.
  • Search for price by test name, ARUP test number or mnemonic.
  • Directly access ARUP’s test directory for access to comprehensive testing information.
  • Access to ARUP Consult for point-of-care diagnostic and interpretive information.

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Business Reports

Business Reports are comprehensive documents that allow lab and business managers to regularly track flow of functions within their healthcare system, related to ARUP laboratory testing. These client-facing reports can be set up to automatically run on a scheduled timeframe or created instantly on-demand, manually, for key areas of our clients' business.

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ARUP Laboratory Test Directory

ARUP Laboratory Test Directory

ARUP's Laboratory Test Directory contains complete, up-to-date test information, including methodology and reporting times, collection and transportation specifications, reference intervals, test notes, and CPT codes. Clients can access entries via an A to Z index and search by test name, key word, test number, or mnemonic.

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