ARUP’s Laboratory Test Directory is a publicly accessible site that gives complete and up-to-date information about the tests that we perform here at ARUP. It offers ordering recommendations, details acceptable specimens including volume, and transportation and storage instructions. There is also access to ARUP Consult™ topics, interpretive information, and reference ranges.

For additional questions contact Julie deCastro, Product Manager 801-583-2787 ext. 2089

Where to find the ARUP Laboratory Test Directory

ARUP’s Laboratory Tests Directory can be accessed two ways. There is a persistent search menu located in the top right hand corner of each page of or from the Test Information menu located at the top left corner of the landing page of

Alternatively, the directory can be found at

Note: A search of the entire site using the term “Search Site” will search pages within, but will not include the Laboratory Test Directory

Quick Tips

Finding a test

From here a user can browse tests by the first letter in the test name, search by most terms within the test (including test number, name, or mnemonic).

Once a test is selected and opened, a user can

  • View any test information
  • View Consult Topics related to the test
  • View the Interface map
  • Print or email the test using the appropriate icon located just under the test number


Q: How are the search results determined?

A: Certain fields are given more weight than others: Test number, Test Name, Mnemonic, Aliases, Refiner categories, test data. For example, if the search term is found in the test number, it will be at the top. If a search term is found in the name, it will come next. Mnemonics and Aliases come next. If the search term is found in the refiners it will come after. Finally, if the term is found anywhere within the test description (searchable fields) it will be displayed with the least priority.

Q: Where can I see information about upcoming changes to test information?

A: Clients can access past as well as the next or upcoming ARUP Hotline on the right hand side of the LTD Home Page under the banner “Related Information”.

Q: I am using IE, but don’t see the print and email icons. Also the test seems to look incomplete and the refiners are gone. What’s wrong?

A: ARUP applications currently supports IE11 and Chrome. For more information see:

Q: What do the terms within the Method, Specialty and Disease State boxes on the left side of the page do?

A: A search can be further refined by clicking those “refiners”. Once the search results are displayed, select the applicable refiner. The new search results will display the tests that reflect the original search and the refiner. Search Blood. Click PCR. The results will be refined to show only those results for blood tests using that methodology.