Connect Pricing allows you to:

  • Access client-specific pricing within ARUP Connect.
  • Find pricing for primary testing and associated reflex testing, including final price range depending on scope of work performed.
  • Search for price by test name, ARUP test number or mnemonic.
  • Directly access ARUP’s test directory for access to comprehensive testing information.
  • Access to ARUP Consult for point-of-care diagnostic and interpretive information.

Useful Links

Quick Tips

Connect Pricing is located under “Finance” in the main menu.

ARUP Client Price $ XXXX.XX will reflect the price for the specific client indicated in your search.

You will also find:

  • Additional test information in the ARUP lab test directory, by clicking on the Test Name or Number.
  • Point-of-care diagnostic and interpretive information about topics related to the test at ARUP Consult.

To find your client specific test price, select the appropriate Client ID and enter the test name, ARUP test number or mnemonic to find pricing information.

Pricing information includes:

  • The test name
  • ARUP test number
  • The relevant Client ID
  • Recommended CPT codes
  • The client specific test price
  • Reflex test price information, if the test original test reflexes.