Erik Forsman, a senior data consultant for ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services, has published a new article in The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine to share the benefits of in-house data systems.

Madeline is the product manager for ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services’ IT solutions, which include the AnalyticsDx™ Sendout and Comprehensive Dashboards. Madeline’s love of IT solutions began during college when she received the opportunity to work for Apple Inc. and develop solutions for her…


A survey of laboratory professionals led by ARUP experts clarified factors that contribute to the success of laboratory stewardship programs.


ARUP medical directors and scientists will share their research and expertise in areas like lab stewardship, biochemical genetics, and neonatal drug testing at AACC’s 2022 annual meeting in Chicago.


ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services will lead a roundtable exercise on building strong laboratory stewardship programs at the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) KnowledgeLab in Boston.


ARUP study finds pharmacogenetic testing to evaluate drug-gene interactions improves patient outcomes and patients' confidence in overall care.


ARUP Laboratories has renamed its expert team of healthcare consultants as ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services. The new name better reflects the broad service offerings the team can provide.


Join us for a look at ARUP’s accomplishments in scientific innovation and meet our committed scientists, laboratory professionals, and healthcare advisory consultants who make ARUP an industry leader.

Zach has more than 15 years of clinical laboratory leadership experience at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Oregon Health & Science University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and a master’s degree in health administration—both from Ohio State University—and…


Andrew Fletcher, MD, medical director of Consultative Services at ARUP Laboratories, and ARUP’s Consultative Services team, led by Sandy Richman, are honored with 2021 Choosing Wisely Champion Awards.

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