ARUP’s chief medical officer urged the House Committee on Ways and Means to consider oversight structures that both protect the public health and support innovation in healthcare.


ARUP Laboratories has been chosen as the site for a House Ways and Means Committee Field Hearing on July 12. Topics include medical innovation, healthcare access, and economic prosperity.


ARUP’s mission to continually improve patient care will carry the company into the future and drive further advancement of groundbreaking technologies and innovative solutions.


The inaugural event created connections among future innovators who look to solve many of healthcare’s biggest challenges.


This issue highlights milestones in ARUP’s history, gives a glimpse into the company’s future, and includes a special feature: a video of ARUP founders and current leaders reminiscing and celebrating.

In September 2023, ARUP Laboratories founded its Institute for Research and Innovation in Diagnostic and Precision Medicine™ (R&I Institute) as part of the creation of a newly formed, wider division, the Innovation Business Unit (IBU), that will lead focused efforts in diagnostic technology…


ARUP’s new test, Alzheimer’s Disease Markers, CSF, will pave the way for more assays that help detect the disease soon enough to try therapy to slow its progression.


ARUP is committed to continue offering quality, esoteric testing that can aid patients with rare diseases on their often difficult diagnostic journeys.


MetaCensus is the first open-access data repository built for peer-review and meta-analysis. The tool aims to break down stakeholder silos to quickly achieve scientific consensus.


Researchers at ARUP Laboratories published more than 130 peer-reviewed articles and contributed more than 135 posters or presentations at medical conferences in FY2023 to advance laboratory medicine.

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