MetaCensus is the first open-access data repository built for peer-review and meta-analysis. The tool aims to break down stakeholder silos to quickly achieve scientific consensus.


Researchers at ARUP Laboratories published more than 130 peer-reviewed articles and contributed more than 135 posters or presentations at medical conferences in FY2023 to advance laboratory medicine.


Next generation sequencing provides a more rigorous and sensitive method to identify drug-resistant variants of cytomegalovirus, which enables earlier detection and more effective treatment.


PhD scientists, analysts, and medical directors within ARUP’s Hematopathology department meet often to ensure clinicians and patients receive a diagnosis that reflects an integrated approach.


ARUP and Medicover have partnered to provide a new companion diagnostic test to European Union patients. The test helps identify individuals eligible for a new gene therapy for severe hemophilia A.


A panel discussion at the Utah Life Sciences Summit explored how the FDA’s proposed rule to further regulate laboratory-developed tests could slow advances in diagnostic medicine.


ARUP has gained a Conformité Européenne (CE) mark for AAV5 DetectCDx™ single-site use. The test will aid in determining the eligibility of non-U.S. patients for a new hemophilia A gene therapy.


ARUP experts in molecular pathology will present at, participate in, and be available to attendees during the upcoming Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) Meeting and Expo in Salt Lake City.


The newest edition highlights innovations that keep ARUP at the forefront of toxicology testing. Also featured: ARUP’s expanded capacity for cytogenetics testing.

Colleagues describe Gwen McMillin, PhD, DABCC (CC, TC), FAACC, scientific director for the mass spectrometry platform and medical director of Clinical Toxicology at ARUP Laboratories, as someone who has a vast and intricate knowledge of everything related to clinical toxicology but who never loses…

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