The newest edition highlights innovations that keep ARUP at the forefront of toxicology testing. Also featured: ARUP’s expanded capacity for cytogenetics testing.

Colleagues describe Gwen McMillin, PhD, DABCC (CC, TC), FAACC, scientific director for the mass spectrometry platform and medical director of Clinical Toxicology at ARUP Laboratories, as someone who has a vast and intricate knowledge of everything related to clinical toxicology but who never loses…

ARUP’s Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacogenomics team members share a determination to drive change that leads to better patient outcomes and yields quality results for tens of thousands of patients each month.


A platform clients use to reduce testing waste, lower cost per test, and improve patient safety has won the prestigious Choosing Wisely Champion Award from the American Society for Clinical Pathology.


New ARUP Institute for Research and Innovation in Diagnostic and Precision Medicine™ will improve patient lives by advancing groundbreaking diagnostic and prognostic technologies.


A novel event organized by ARUP’s Patent Committee aimed to highlight creative solutions that may not lead to patents but still advance laboratory medicine and improve patient care.


ARUP Laboratories has received FDA approval for its companion diagnostic immunoassay, AAV5 DetectCDx™, which helps determine patient eligibility for a new gene therapy for severe hemophilia A.


ARUP’s Clinical Trials and PharmaDx groups supported Blueprint Medicines’ clinical trials that led to FDA approval for AYVAKIT® (avapritinib), a new treatment for indolent systemic mastocytosis.


ARUP and Gestalt Diagnostics announced a partnership under which ARUP will adopt Gestalt’s PathFlow® platform as a foundation for future digital pathology initiatives.


ARUP researchers coauthored more than 160 peer-reviewed articles on groundbreaking research in 2022. Their insights and innovation helped advance laboratory medicine for improved patient outcomes.

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