ARUP’s new test, Alzheimer’s Disease Markers, CSF, will pave the way for more assays that help detect the disease soon enough to try therapy to slow its progression.


PhD scientists, analysts, and medical directors within ARUP’s Hematopathology department meet often to ensure clinicians and patients receive a diagnosis that reflects an integrated approach.


ARUP and Medicover have partnered to provide a new companion diagnostic test to European Union patients. The test helps identify individuals eligible for a new gene therapy for severe hemophilia A.

As other labs have discontinued cytogenetics testing, ARUP has committed to this highly specialized testing for the long term, investing in instruments and space and continuing to build expertise with a goal to increase testing volumes by 20% a year.

A focus on quick, accurate, qualitative test results to inform time-sensitive decision-making keeps ARUP at the forefront of newborn drug screening.

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