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April 15, 2024

We invite you to join ARUP in kickstarting Lab Week by listening to, reading, and watching these materials that spotlight the important role medical laboratory professionals play in improving and saving patient lives.

Check out the following podcast episodes, articles, and educational resources that show the value of labs and how important high-quality testing is for both accurate diagnosis and treatment.

1. LabMind Podcast

An Interview With Dr. Eddie Stenehjem: What It Means for a Laboratory to Be Part of the Patient Care Team

Dr. Eddie Stenehjem, vice chair of medicine at the University of Colorado, knows a lot about clinical laboratories. As an infectious disease physician and former cochair of Intermountain Healthcare’s laboratory stewardship committee, he has deep respect for the knowledge and dedication that laboratory professionals bring to patient care. In this interview, he discusses why clinician-lab collaboration is vital and how labs can improve communication and relationships with clinical colleagues.

2. FDA-Approved Tests and Treatment Offer Hope in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that 6.7 million Americans ages 65 years and older are living with Alzheimer’s disease. As the U.S. population ages, incidence of the disease will only increase, the association says, making improved diagnosis and treatment imperative. ARUP’s new test, Alzheimer’s Disease Markers, CSF, will pave the way for more assays that help detect the disease soon enough to try therapy to slow its progression.

3. Lupus Anticoagulant Test Neutralizes Interferences to Aid in Diagnosis of Antiphospholipid Syndrome

Detecting lupus anticoagulant antibodies can aid in the diagnosis of antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), a rare autoimmune disorder in which autoantibodies directed against proteins bound to phospholipids result in thromboses. Kristi Smock, MD, chief medical director of Research and Development and medical director of the Hemostasis/Thrombosis Laboratory at ARUP, said the updated lupus anticoagulant reflexive panel “has the potential to have a major impact on a patient’s treatment.”

4. Magnify Magazine: The Art and Science of Diagnostic Medicine

A Focus on Drug Testing and Cytogenetics

This edition of Magnify focuses on ARUP’s innovative approaches to drug testing and commitment to cytogenetics testing. Medical directors who lead advancements in these testing areas are also highlighted.

5. Learn From the Experts: Continuing Education

ARUP’s Institute for Learning offers a comprehensive catalog of more than 400 video lectures, spotlight videos, and podcasts and is a definitive resource for continuing education credit. Content is created by ARUP’s medical directors, who are also faculty members at the University of Utah School of Medicine, along with other experts in laboratory medicine. Our online courses offer insight, in-depth analysis, and practical knowledge on the most relevant and emerging topics in laboratory medicine.

Here are some highlights from our recent and most popular video lectures and podcasts:

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