The Expanding Role of AMH as a Predictor of Fertility

There isn’t a specific level of AMH that will let you know whether you will or won’t get pregnant, but it can show you whether your ovaries are aging more quickly or more slowly than average.


Breakthrough Technology Spurs New Test for Lung Cancer Patients

Scientists have discovered that tumor cells which shed DNA pieces into the bloodstream are ideal biomarkers for “reading” and monitoring  cancer.


When Heartache Propels Progress

HHT is more common than people appreciate, more common than hemophilia and about as common as cystic fibrosis. Any parent that has it has a 50 percent chance of passing it on


Born to an Addict-ARUP Searches for Clues in the Umbilical Cord

Every baby that enters this world arrives with an umbilical cord in tow. For those babies born drug-exposed, that umbilical cord is now a key connection—a hard-to-hide clue—for identifying what addictive drugs are coursing through a newborn’s veins.

Decreasing Healthcare Costs by “Triaging” Your Company

More than 20 years ago, ARUP Laboratories took a proactive approach to rising healthcare costs by adopting a self-insured approach, minus any third-party providers. “After a certain size, we decided to be the risk takers,” says David Jackson, senior vice president, Strategic Services.

Picture This: Beauty and Disease in Digital Pathology

There are limitations to what our eyes and a microscope can do; with digital imaging, we can construct algorithms that can help us identify and collect data from specimens. Like anything that can now be electronically delivered digital imaging decreases time and transport efforts.

Catching Unnecessary Tests

New Duplicate Testing Measures. Over a six-month period, ARUP identified more than $200,000 of duplicate genetic testing for all clients combined. Over time this could add up to a significant amount of unnecessary healthcare spending.

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