ARUP’s chief medical officer urged the House Committee on Ways and Means to consider oversight structures that both protect the public health and support innovation in healthcare.


ARUP Laboratories has been chosen as the site for a House Ways and Means Committee Field Hearing on July 12. Topics include medical innovation, healthcare access, and economic prosperity.


ARUP’s mission to continually improve patient care will carry the company into the future and drive further advancement of groundbreaking technologies and innovative solutions.


ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services Manager David Shiembob has received the ADLM Clinical Laboratory Scientist Achievement Award, which recognizes significant contributions to the CLS community.


The inaugural event created connections among future innovators who look to solve many of healthcare’s biggest challenges.


This issue highlights milestones in ARUP’s history, gives a glimpse into the company’s future, and includes a special feature: a video of ARUP founders and current leaders reminiscing and celebrating.


ARUP maintains that the FDA’s rule will limit access to testing, stifle innovation, and increase healthcare costs.


Nicola Longo, who with his wife, Marzia Pasquali, is credited with expanding screening for a treatable metabolic disorder, is leaving for UCLA while Pasquali stays at ARUP to continue key projects.


A new partnership between ARUP and connectivity provider ELLKAY aims to give health systems the testing support, guidance, and technology needed to establish or expand lab outreach operations.


The ARUP Consult Laboratory Testing for Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, and Autism Spectrum Disorder topic now includes exome and genome sequencing as a first- or second-tier test.

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