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As part of an ongoing recruitment fraud scheme, scammers posing as ARUP recruiters are targeting jobseekers on LinkedIn.

December 29, 2023

Recruiters at ARUP Laboratories have seen an uptick in reports of fraudulent activity on LinkedIn. In these recruitment schemes, scammers purporting to be ARUP recruiters attempt to collect sensitive information from jobseekers by scheduling fraudulent job interviews. 

This type of recruitment fraud is not a new phenomenon. ARUP received reports in February 2023 about scammers sending phishing emails and fraudulent employment paperwork to jobseekers. 

Although ARUP has received reports about fraudulent activity from non-ARUP-approved LinkedIn accounts and the fraudulent email address, these attempts can come from any source, including other social media channels, email addresses, and phone numbers.

ARUP strongly advises applicants to review email addresses, social media profiles, website URLs, and forms before taking any action. Legitimate ARUP recruiters initiate communication by email using only email addresses ending in or by phone at 800-522-2787 or 801-583-2787.

If ARUP recruiters reach out via LinkedIn or other social media channels, they will refer applicants to to initiate a formal application process that requires an applicant to create a password-protected account.

If you receive a suspicious offer, do not click on any links, download attachments, or respond. Call ARUP at 801-583-2787 ext. 2182 to report suspicious activity or verify a source.