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March 1, 2022

SALT LAKE CITY—ARUP Laboratories has renamed its expert team of healthcare consultants as ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services.

The new name for the group, formerly known as Consultative Services, better reflects the broad service offerings the team can provide to both ARUP’s clients and prospective clients, including lab stewardship, revenue cycle and quality management, lab operations and business strategy solutions, and more.

“Our goal hasn’t changed,” said Sandy Richman, MBA, C(ASCP), director of Healthcare Advisory Services. “We’re still here to provide labs with all the resources they need to better promote their value to health system executives because the lab is key to downstream cost savings and better overall patient care.”

Laboratory services are often the first targeted by hospitals and health systems that are under pressure to save money. ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services strives to help clients identify efficiencies and cost savings that preserve quality patient care.

There are few laboratory challenges ARUP’s healthcare consultants haven’t seen or cannot solve, said Andrew Fletcher, MD, MBA, CPE, CHCQM, FCAP, medical director of Healthcare Advisory Services.

The team includes 15 consultants whose educational backgrounds and experiences extend across the laboratory—where most began their careers. Included among them are chemists and biologists, a pharmacist, a pediatrics expert, consultants with master’s of business administration degrees, and information technology innovators.

In all, ARUP’s Healthcare Advisory Team offers 24 customizable services and products to meet the specific needs of each client or prospective client. Each project is approached as an opportunity to partner to identify issues and find solutions, said David Shiembob, MBA, C(ASCP)CM, the team’s supervisor.

“We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach,” Shiembob said. “Every client has a different challenge, and we are committed to solving those individual needs, not plugging in a predesigned solution.”

To learn more about each of the consultants and how they are equipping laboratory clients’ labs with enduring, adaptive solutions, visit or read this article in Magnify, ARUP’s online magazine.


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