People Proud—ARUP Awards and Recognitions

Knowledge fuels the engines here at ARUP, and our dynamic cadre of research scientists provide know-how and expertise. Each year, they publish hundreds of articles in leading journals, present at conferences around the world, and contribute to professional organizations. In this issue we also acknowledge ARUP employees from other areas of the company for awards received. We are proud that they are being recognized for their hard work and expertise.

Tracy I. George, MD, executive director of Clinical Trials and PharmaDx, was elected president-elect for the International Society for Laboratory Hematology in May 2018.

Kamisha Johnson- Davis, MD, medical director of Clinical Toxicology, was awarded an international travel grant to attend the 16th International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Clinical Toxicology Congress in Brisbane, Australia.

Judy Moore, medical technologist in the Parasitology and Fecal Testing (PAFT) Laboratory, received the Student of the Year award from the Utah Chapter of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences in “recognition of outstanding achievement and commitment to the Medical Laboratory Profession.”

Larissa V. Furtado, MD, medical director of Molecular Oncology, was nominated as one of the 2018 40 Under Forty honorees by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). The award recognizes ASCP members whose work is “making an impact on pathology and laboratory medicine.”

A group including medical director Joely A. Straseski, PhD, and ARUP fellow Carmen Gherasim received the Endocrinology Division Annual Meeting Abstract Award, Mass Spectrometry and Separation Sciences Division Abstract Award for Outstanding Research, and an Honorable Mention: Student Oral Presentation Contest from the AACC for the abstract, Fulvestrant interference with six automated estradiol immunoassays and an LC-MS/MS method: an analytical and clinical investigation.

Medical directors Joely Straseski, PhD, and Robert Schmidt, MD, PhD, received the Distinguished Abstract Award from the AACC Academy for the abstract, Thyroid-related testing utilization: a multicenter benchmark study.

The Health and Wellness Department earned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Full Recognition for its type 2 diabetes prevention program. Staff members from the Wellness Center (Curtis Bell, MS, Chaz Bollwinkel, MHA, Natalie Sargent, Shelby Firouzi, MS) and the Family Health Clinic (Holly Gurgle, PharmD, BCACP, CDE, Alisyn Hansen, PharmD, BCACP, CDE, Darrin Cottle, PA-C, RD) worked together to deliver “a quality, evidence-based program that meets all of the standards for CDC recognition” and were commended by the CDC for “turning the tide in the fight against the epidemic of type 2 diabetes.”

A group including medical director Pinar Bayrak-Toydemir, MD, PhD, R&D principle investigator Whitney Wooderchak- Donahue, PhD, and genetic counselor Jamie McDonald, MS, CGC, received the Best Scientific Presentation Award at the HHT International Scientific Conference for the abstract, Identification of new genes and genetic modifiers in HHT that alter clinical severity.

ARUP's Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Department received several awards for creating outstanding digital media. The Journey of a Specimen video series (shot/edited by Chance LaSalle with contributions by Natalia Wilkins-Tyler) won two gold AVA Digital Awards, one honorable mention, and a Communicator Award.

ARUP's IMC Department received several additional awards. The Magnify magazine article, “From Your Sister with Love—The Gift of Life” by Peta Owens- Liston won a gold Hermes Creative Award; the Magnify magazine Winter 2017 cover (designed by Deanna Lemke) received a Hermes Creative Award Honorable Mention; a gold Hermes Creative Award was given for the Utilization Management pages on (designed by Mary Paul); the blog article “Non-Opioid Pain Management: Searching for Natural Compounds to Replace Opioids (Q&A)” by Catherine Arnold received a gold Hermes Creative Award.