Work wellness, or occupational health, refers to the identification and control of the risks arising from physical, chemical, and other workplace hazards in order to establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. ( National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - Occupational Health )

The clinic offers the following work wellness services to ARUP employees:

Information for employees new to ARUP (new hire)

  • Employees new to ARUP are required to complete a blood draw at the clinic lab within two weeks of their start date. The results of the blood draw determine which vaccines the new employee requires to meet ARUP regulatory requirements.
  • After completing the blood draw, employees make a follow-up appointment at the clinic to review results of their blood draw and receive any necessary vaccines.
  • For questions or concerns, please call the clinic at 801-584-5144, option 1. 

ARUP is committed to safely vaccinating every employee. Vaccines protect the health of the ARUP population and prevent the spread of potentially harmful diseases. This goal is also strongly supported by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)  Please see for more information. The clinic administers vaccines free of charge.

Employees transferring departments

  • If you are a current employee and transferring to a technical department, check with your new supervisor to determine if you need additional vaccines.
  • If additional vaccines are needed, contact the clinicto schedule an appointment.
  • Please see CORP-POLICY-0064 in MasterControl for more details

Clinic eligibility for new hire employees:

Employees new to ARUP are eligible to use the clinic for work wellness/occupational wellness services on their first day of employment with ARUP. These services include but are not limited to work required vaccinations, assessing work injuries, and performing work required blood draws.

Employees, their spouse and registered dependents are eligible to use the clinic for all services starting the 1st of the month, 30 days after their start date. Click here for details on full-service eligibility.

Tuberculosis (TB) testing

An annual Tuberculosis (TB) blood draw is required for ARUP employees deemed at risk of contracting TB based on the department they work in and the testing they perform.

Employees who previously tested positive for TB are not tested again for TB. They are required to schedule a yearly visit with a clinic provider instead.

No appointment is necessary Tuberculosis testing is done on a walk in basis.

Workplace injuries

The clinic works in conjunction with the ARUP safety department to manage injuries sustained on the job. Injuries or blood borne pathogen exposures occurring during an employee’s work shift must be assessed by a clinic provider or nurse.

If a workplace injury or exposure occurs, please complete the ARUP work injury form prior to presenting to the clinic.
This form is located on nucleus/corporate safety website under " Report a Workplace Injury"

No appointment is necessary to assess a work injury - employees are seen on a walk-in basis.

If the injury occurs when the clinic is closed, please contact the ARUP evening or night operations manager on duty or present to the University of Utah hospital emergency department located at 50 N Medical Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84132

Respiratory protection program

The clinic works in conjunction with the ARUP safety department to facilitate the ARUP respiratory protection program.

This annual program is required for ARUP employees whose work responsibilities increase their risk of contracting a respiratory illness, and/or those who are on the ARUP HAZ-MAT team. The program requirements are outlined in LEaP and the curriculum is assigned quarterly. 

The program consists of the following elements:

  • Complete LEaP training
  • Complete Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) questionnaire
  • Complete mask physical (if needed)
  • Complete pulmonary function test (if needed)
  • Complete mask fitting

Please contact the clinic at or ARUP safety department at with questions.

Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals

Clinic providers Jennifer Heiner and Scott Hanson are nationally certified to perform Department of Transportation physical exams for ARUP employees and their spouse/dependents.

  • Please call the clinic at 801-584-5144 to schedule a DOT physical.
  • Please come to the appointment prepared to provide a urine sample.