As a company on the forefront of laboratory science, ARUP promotes education as an essential part of our mission. Through our internship opportunities, you will work with experienced professionals who have earned a science degree and have one or more professional certifications that prove their competence in their specific laboratory science discipline. Join these exerts as they perform highly complex and unique medical tests for patients throughout the country.

Internships with ARUP will help you fulfill course requirements towards your undergraduate or graduate degree as you network with experienced professionals. You will receive course credit through your academic institution. Internships may be paid or unpaid and these opportunities occur in the spring, summer, and fall. Generally, they last no longer than three months.

“My summer internship led to a job offer. I was given a lot of independence while working on an augmented reality project and gained some new skills. My boss was really like a teammate, collaborating with me while also providing direction. Now I get to do this every day.”

Lynn Hardy
IT software programmer

Because of regulatory requirements, ARUP’s internships are limited to business areas of the company and only laboratory areas where samples are reanalyzed for research purposes.

To find available internship positions that match with your career goals, visit our open positions page, and type “intern” into the search bar. If you have questions, please contact 800-522-2787.

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