Monkeypox Testing

December 1, 2022

All CPT code updates can now be found at ARUP's CPT Code Updates page. You no longer need to log in to ARUP Connect™ to access the updated annual CPT spreadsheet. This change centralizes all information regarding CPT code updates into a single location on our website.

Subscribe to CPT Code Updates

ARUP now offers a subscription service to notify you of biweekly and annual updates to CPT codes for any of our tests. Subscribe to CPT code updates now to stay up to date.

  • If there are CPT code updates, biweekly notifications may occur on the first and fifteenth of each month.
  • Annual CPT code update notification will occur around December 15.

Additional Information

If you are interested in receiving information about ARUP test changes, please subscribe to our Hotline.

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