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August 27, 2019

Members of the ARUP Consult Editorial Board include (from the left): Lisa Johnson, PhD; Jordon March, MD; Tracy George, MD; Brian Jackson, MD, MS; Kamisha Johnson-Davis, PhD; Yuan Ji, PhD; and Patricia Slev, PhD. Zachary Dong, MD, is not pictured.

Four medical directors of ARUP Laboratories who also are University of Utah School of Medicine faculty members have joined the ARUP Consult Editorial Board to share their expertise and help set development priorities and goals for Consult, ARUP’s free online guide to laboratory test selection and interpretation.

New members of the eight-person board are:

  • Tracy George, MD,  executive director of clinical trials and PharmaDx and medical director of hematopathology
  • Yuan Ji, PhD, medical director of molecular genetics and genomics and medical director of pharmacogenomics
  • Lisa  Johnson, PhD, medical director of clinical chemistry
  • Patricia Slev, PhD, section chief, immunology; medical director of serologic hepatitis and retrovirus; medical director of the Immunology Core Laboratory; medical director of microbial immunology

They join Brian Jackson, MD, MS, medical director of business development, informatics, and support services, and Kamisha Johnson-Davis, PhD, medical director of clinical toxicology, on the board. Zachary Dong, MD, and Jordon March, MD, both anatomic and clinical pathology residents at the U of U School of Medicine, also are members.

Three other medical directors are rotating off the board after having served three-year terms. They are:

  • Bo Hong, MD, medical director of cytogenetics and genomic microarray
  • Eszter Lazar-Molnar, PhD, medical director of immunology and director of histocompatibility and immunogenetics
  • Reha Toydemir, MD, PhD, medical director of cytogenetics and genomics

During their tenure, the three departing board members helped direct a comprehensive redesign of Consult aimed at simplifying the resource and focusing it more directly on laboratory testing. They also oversaw a period in the 12-year-old resource’s history during which page views increased nearly 40 percent for the year ended June 30 compared with the year ended June 30, 2018. Consult draws on ARUP’s vast expertise to provide information about more than 2,000 tests categorized into nearly 300 disease topics and more than 70 diagnostic algorithms.

“I’m pleased with Consult’s user growth as well as the high quality of the testing information,” Jackson said. “Our editorial board will help us continue to evolve Consult to make it an even more vital resource for clinicians.”

Faculty members’ participation on the Consult Editorial Board builds on a crucial role they already play in Consult as coauthors and reviewers of the resource’s content. Along with many of their peers, they work with the site’s editorial team to keep content up to date and ensure it reflects the latest medical guidelines and literature.

ARUP views Consult as one of many ways it manifests its academic mission to share knowledge about laboratory medicine and partner with clients and clinicians to make sure they’re selecting the right tests at the right time and interpreting results correctly.

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Peta Owens-Liston, Sr. Science Communications Writer