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August 22, 2023

ARUP recently added a new and exciting feature to the Order Activity log in Connect’s “Order Status and Results” application. The Order Activity log will now display a brief history of test Delays and Excepts for an order.

Here is a preview of this new feature:

The history will be found in the Tracker under “View Order Activity”


A date/time stamp, a reason for an except or delay occurrence, the individual who resolved an Except (when applicable), and a resolution can be seen.



  • Ability to put together a history of what occurred on a patient’s order without having to call ARUP for those specific details.
  • Quickly view time frames regarding the history of an order without having to navigate to different applications within Connect.
  • Identify who has worked on an order.

Additional Information

You can email the Client Relations Training team at clienttraining@aruplab.com for further information about this feature or help with ARUP Connect.

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