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March 22, 2023

The key to running a successful business is not a secret, it's a basic principle: Keep your customers happy.

Results from ARUP Laboratories’ annual Client Satisfaction Survey revealed that 91% of the clients who participated in the survey, which was available from October 25 to December 2, 2022, had a favorable impression of ARUP. Clients gave the company a net promoter score (NPS) of 64.4.

ARUP began using the NPS as a metric in 2013, and the 2022 survey marks the ninth consecutive year in which the company has received an excellent score, characterized by the metric’s creators as a score between 50 and 80. The NPS is derived by subtracting the percentage of respondents who are detractors from the percentage of those who are promoters—respondents who would recommend ARUP to colleagues.

“We’re proud of our excellent NPS score, and we’re pleased that we compare favorably with others in our industry,” CEO Andy Theurer said. “We always want to continue to improve, and we can use the NPS to measure how we’re progressing year to year.”

Clients routinely ranked customer service as ARUP’s top attribute in 2022, crediting ARUP’s customer service employees for their dedication and knowledge. Additionally, 83% of respondents ranked customer service as the most critical attribute when deciding whether to work with a reference lab.

“Your customer service staff are second to none,” one respondent said. “They answer promptly, answer questions, and check with technical and IT staff if they don't have the answer right away. If they transfer my call, they always stay on the line to make sure the transfer goes through."

Clients also praised ARUP for its online tools, including, live chat, interface support, and ARUP Connect, a self-service platform for meeting routine client needs. This technology, and the quality of service it supports, is a clear differentiator for clients, said Steven Bulkley, Customer Experience (CX) Product Team manager.

“We have a gold standard quality of customer service,” Bulkley said. “Our job is to provide that same level of customer service, but in a self-service application. We want to provide a faster, easier solution for [clients] to do online.”

One lab professional lauded ARUP for offering new and intuitive online tools, noting that ARUP “seems to always be on the cutting edge of technology.”

ARUP’s commitment to continuously improving its online tools helps to reduce turnaround times and expenses for ARUP and its clients. Most importantly, said Bulkley, “when we look at our products, we want to make it easier for our clients and their employees to provide patient care.”

“The annual Client Satisfaction Survey is a very important aspect of research for us. It’s an opportunity to cast the net to a wide group and get their feedback. The best ideas come from our customers.”

ARUP performs annual client satisfaction surveys to better understand clients' short-term goals and ongoing challenges while gaining valuable perspectives on services such as the test menu, pricing, and interface support. More than 660 lab managers, lab employees, sendout technicians, medical directors, and other professionals responded to the 2022 survey.  

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) requires institutions to conduct the survey every other year to be eligible for CAP accreditation. ARUP has elected to complete the survey every year to ensure that valuable client feedback can continuously inform ARUP’s goals in a rapidly changing industry. 


Camryn Fife,