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The results of the annual client satisfaction survey show clients’ impressions improved in 2023, building on already positive 2022 results.

March 15, 2024

ARUP Laboratories’ clients have once again given the company a collective high five. Results from the annual ARUP Client Satisfaction Survey show that clients’ impressions have improved upon already positive 2022 results. Customer service was the most complimented attribute and was ranked the most important attribute to consider when deciding which reference lab to work with.

“Customer service is the greatest asset ARUP possesses. I’ve reached out via phone, chat, or email, and received helpful feedback even if an agent needed to follow up later with a response. ARUP customer service should be commended for what they provide the company,” one client wrote.

Another said, “I have worked with all the major reference labs and greatly prefer ARUP due to their collaboration, quality, and customer service.”

donut chart of survey results

ARUP’s 2023 NPS score of 67.2 is an improvement over 2022 and is considered exemplary.

Survey respondents in 2023 gave ARUP a net promoter score (NPS) of 67.2, an improvement of nearly three points from 2022. The NPS is computed by subtracting the percentage of respondents who are detractors from the percentage who say they would recommend ARUP to colleagues. This score is widely viewed as a key indicator of customer satisfaction. An NPS greater than 50 is considered good, so ARUP’s performance is exemplary.

ARUP began using the NPS as a metric in 2013, and the 2023 survey marked the 10th consecutive year in which the company has received an excellent score.

Of the ARUP clients who participated in the survey, 93% had a very favorable (80%) or somewhat favorable (13%) impression of ARUP, up from 91% in 2022.

“ARUP is proud to provide unparalleled customer service and we’re thrilled that our clients think so highly of us. Our employees work diligently toward our missions to continuously improve and put the patient first,” said CEO Andy Theurer. “These results show improvement year over year and that our efforts are being noticed.”

ARUP’s annual client satisfaction survey gives valuable perspectives on services offered, the test menu, pricing, and interface support. More than 600 lab managers, lab employees, send-out technicians, medical directors, and other professionals responded to the 2023 survey.

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) requires the survey be sent every other year as part of the CAP accreditation process. ARUP has elected to send the survey each year to ensure that client feedback can continuously inform ARUP’s goals in a rapidly changing industry.


Bonnie Stray, bonnie.stray@aruplab.com