Test Tube Shortage

April 22, 2022

As ARUP continues to address security threats to healthcare systems, we are reinforcing the direct link to access your ARUP Enhanced Report patient test results to meet current requirements for electronic health information reporting.

What will change? We will be adding security measures to enable user authentication via ARUP Connect™ to access these results. In 2020, we removed the outdated Username and Password credentials that appeared on text format charts and interfaced results.

How does this affect me, in getting these specialized charts? You will need user access to Connect or assist your providers to set up a user account to access. Then just click the direct link to view and download the Enhanced Report PDF file. In limited cases these chart formats are available within an organization’s patient records system or EHR.

If your organization supports Single Sign-On—the ability to use different apps and tools by simply using your LAN or local username and password credentials—this can enable the download of these chart formats. For more information, contact your local Account Executive or our Client Services group.

Why did we make these changes? For increased security and compliance, auditability, and overall ease of use.

What’s next? On Tuesday, May 3, we will be implementing this important change.

Thank you for helping us remain a trusted partner in healthcare and stewards of patient test results.

For more information about Enhanced Reports, click here.

For questions or help, contact ARUP Client Services: call 1-800-522-2787 | online chat aruplab.com | email clientservices@aruplab.com