Monkeypox Testing

January 4, 2024

ARUP Laboratories will be transitioning to a new Quarterly Hotline schedule beginning after the August 2024 Quarterly Hotline. Historically, the Quarterly Hotline, which reflects ARUP's major laboratory test updates, has been effective in the months of February, May, August, and November. With the new schedule, the Quarterly Hotline will be effective in January, April, July, and October.

The 2024 Quarterly Hotline schedule is February 2024, May 2024, August 2024, and October 2024.

The 2025 Quarterly Hotline schedule will be January 2025, April 2025, July 2025, and October 2025.

You will still receive notification of and access to Quarterly Hotline documents online 45 days prior to the effective date.

This new schedule will allow us to avoid holiday months while optimizing processes. You will continue to receive periodic reminders of this change.

For questions, please contact Client Services and use keyword: Hotline Schedule Change

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