Monkeypox Testing

January 4, 2023

ARUP has recently released an improved email and fax experience for corrected results within “Order Status and Results” in ARUP Connect™. The new feature will automatically resend test results to the same recipient if a correction happens for any of the results you have previously requested to be sent by email or fax.

You are able to submit a request for results to be emailed or faxed while ordering tests through Connect’s “Order Entry” application. You can also submit a request any time during or after the testing process through “Order Status and Results” (located under the “pending” and/or “search” tabs within the Tracker).

Benefits of the New Feature

  • Eliminates situations in which busy laboratory employees are unaware that test results have become available, leaving physicians waiting unnecessarily for corrected results.
  • Enables you to provide high-quality customer service to physicians with less effort.
  • Decreases the time required to deliver actionable corrected test results to physicians as they will be automatically sent to the original recipient as a result of your prior request.
  • You can track the history of results being sent in the “Order Activity Log” found within the Tracker of “Order Status and Results.”

screenshot of activity log

Additional Information

If you have additional questions, need help with Connect, or would like further information about this feature, please contact our Client Relations Training team at

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