At ARUP, our dynamic group of medical directors/pathologists and research scientists provides a steady supply of expertise, knowledge, and innovation. Each year, they publish hundreds of articles in leading journals, present at conferences around the world, and contribute to professional organizations. Here we recognize their accomplishments, as well as those of ARUP employees in many other areas of the company. We are proud that they are being acknowledged for their hard work and skill.

People Proud

Quality manager Christopher Allen spoke at the Frontiers in Lab Medicine conference on the topic “ISO 15189 as a structural support to a robust quality management system.” The Birmingham, U.K., conference was organized by the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine and The Dark Report.

Larissa Furtado, MD, medical director of molecular oncology, was a recipient of the 2018 40 Under Forty Award from the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). The award recognizes ASCP members whose work is “making an impact on pathology and laboratory medicine.”

ARUP appointed Jonathan Genzen, MD, PhD, as chief operations officer on July 1, 2019. Since starting at ARUP in January 2013, he has served as chemistry section chief, as well as medical director for the Automated Core Laboratory, Laboratory Automation, and the Farmington Clinical Laboratory, among other responsibilities. His focus on process improvement has supported numerous ARUP solutions in standardization, scalability, and efficiency.

Tracy George, MD, hematopathology medical director and executive director of clinical trials and PharmaDx, is a founding member of American Initiative in Mast Cell Diseases (AIM). At AIM’s annual conference, George co-chaired a session on classification, pathology, and molecular biology, and she presented on bone marrow pathology in the diagnosis of mast cell disease. With team members, George applied for and was awarded a National Institutes of Health/ National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences R13 grant, which was used to fund the conference. She was a coinvestigator on the grant.

Allie Grossmann, MD, PhD, medical director of anatomic pathology and molecular oncology, was awarded an American Cancer Society Research Scholars Grant for the next four years to study “The Small GTPase ARF6 in Melanoma Progression and Metastasis.”

Yuan Ji, PhD, medical director for the Molecular Genetics and Genomics and Pharmacogenomics labs as well as noninvasive prenatal testing, was selected for the 2019 ACMG Foundation Genetic Leadership Society at the recent American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) annual meeting.

Josh Klonoski, MD, PhD, received the 2019 Paul E. Strandjord Young Investigator Award from the Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists (ACLPS).

The abstract Free 25 hydroxy vitamin D by LC-MS/MS: reference intervals in healthy adults and observations in pre-/post-menopausal women received an American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Academy Distinguished Abstract Award at the 2018 annual meeting. Its authors were Mark Kushnir, PhD, scientific director of mass spectrometry R&D; Sonia La’ulu, R&D scientific manager; and Joely Straseski, PhD, MS, MT(ASCP), DABCC, medical director of endocrinology and the Automated Core Laboratory.

People Proud

The abstract Status of vitamin B6 sufficiency in the US pediatric and adult populations received a Second Place Abstract Award in the Nutrition Division at the AACC 2019 annual meeting. Its authors were Mark Kushnir, PhD, scientific director, mass spectrometry R&D, Jason Krantz, lab supervisor, Analytic Biochemistry; and Elizabeth Frank, PhD, DABCC, medical director, Analytic Biochemistry.

The abstract Comparison of disclosed smoking status to the presence of serum nicotine and metabolites in maternal quadruple screen specimens received an AACC Academy Distinguished Abstract Award at the 2019 annual meeting. Its authors were Jonathan Genzen, MD, PhD, ARUP chief operations officer; Joshua Hunsaker, R&D specialist; Kamisha Johnson-Davis PhD, DABCC, medical director of clinical toxicology; Danielle LaGrave, genetic counselor; Gwen McMillin, PhD, medical director of toxicology and pharmacogenetics; Wendy Murphy, medical laboratory scientist in the Electro Manual Endocrinology lab; Heather Reichman, lab supervisor of Clinical Toxicology; and Taylor Snow, R&D technician.

The abstract Quantitative analysis of long chain fatty acids (C12–C24) in packed red blood cells by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry received a Second Place Abstract Award in the nutrition division at the AACC 2019 annual meeting. Its authors were Irene De Biase, MD, PhD, FACMG, medical director of biochemical genetics and newborn screening; Erik Kish- Trier, R&D scientific manager; Buck Lozier, R&D scientist; Melinda Manion, medical laboratory scientist; Naphavanh Phengphong, senior medical laboratory scientist; Lis Schwarz, ARUP R&D investigator; Joely Straseski, PhD, MS, MT(ASCP), DABCC, medical director of endocrinology and the Automated Core Laboratory; and Tatiana Yuzyuk, PhD, FACMG, medical director of biochemical genetics and newborn screening.

The ARUP Wellness Center won two awards at the Utah Worksite Wellness Conference. The Platinum Healthy Worksite Award honors ARUP’s efforts to link health promotion and business outcomes through the center’s prevention services. The Innovation Award for Physical Wellbeing recognized the center’s success in engaging employees and promoting wellness with an “Exercise with Executives” competition. The Innovation Award is based on company size and centered on six areas of wellness: physical, social, occupational, emotional, financial, and community.

The CDC Division of Laboratory Systems nominated ARUP for a 2018 Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services (CSELS) Honor Award in the Excellence in Partnering category for “exemplary communication tools fostering strong ties between the CDC and partners, resulting in effective dissemination.” Lisa Carricaburu, managing editor of ARUP Consult®, represents ARUP as a member of the CSELS Laboratory Communicators Network.

ARUP was a finalist in two award categories at the 2019 Vizient Connections Business Summit: the Support Services Supplier of the Year Award and the Compliance and Integrity Award, and ultimately won the Support Services Supplier of the Year Award.

ARUP was named one of the 2018 Best Companies to Work For by Utah Business Magazine in a December 2018 award ceremony. The win was based on a comparison of benefits and pay, fairness and opportunities, corporate culture, internal communication, and employee pride.