ARUP uses a variety of testing to identify isolates submitted for organism identification: Phenotypic methods, 16s rDNA sequencing, ITS rDNA sequencing, probes, and MALDI-TOF (Mass Spectrometry).

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Laboratory consultation is available with medical directors and faculty from the University of Utah School of Medicine who have expertise in infectious diseases, parasitology and travel medicine, molecular diagnostic techniques, virology, and mycology. These experts work across departments and specialties to find innovative solutions to your patient’s problems.

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Identification Tests


Test Number Test Name
0060115 Aerobic Organism Identification
0065070 Aerobic Organism Identification with Reflex to Susceptibility
0060164 Anaerobic Organism Identification
0060198 Anaerobic Organism Identification with Reflex to Susceptibility
0060720 Organism Identification by 16S rDNA Sequencing


Test Number Test Name
0060999 Acid-Fast Bacillus (AFB) Identification
0060997 Acid-Fast Bacillus (AFB) Identification with Reflex to Susceptibility
2011713 Mycobacterium tuberculosis Drug Resistance by Sequencing


Test Number Test Name
0060163 Fungal (Mold/Yeast) Identification
0060756 Fungal Identification by ITS rDNA Sequencing
0062224 Blastomyces dermatitidis Identification by DNA Probe
0062225 Coccidioides immitis Identification by DNA Probe
0062226 Histoplasma capsulatum Identification by DNA Probe

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