Bella Church

Bella Church, MS, C(ASCP)CM

Senior Healthcare Consultant

Ask me about: Clinical toxicology and therapeutic drug monitoring test utilization, laboratory operations, regulatory and compliance issues, laboratory stewardship

Providing the best in patient care was important to Bella long before she came to ARUP. She headed to college with a plan to be a doctor, but later fell in love with laboratory science. The lab, she said, allows her to be a part of healthcare and patient care while she explores science, which she loves. Bella’s career at ARUP began as a lab technologist in the Trace and Toxic Elements Laboratory. She later became a lead technologist and supervisor in the Clinical Toxicology Laboratory, specializing in therapeutic drug monitoring. This allowed Bella to further develop her technical and management skills. She created test validations for Research and Development and implemented several new mass spectrometry tests in the laboratory. She also managed the redesign and move of several laboratories, which included space planning for ARUP’s Mass Spectrometry Laboratory in its new state-of-art building. Bella joined the Healthcare Advisory Services team in 2021 and puts her experience in assay instrumentation and the design and implementation of process improvements to work on behalf of clients and patients. “It’s all about coming up with out-of-the-box solutions,” she said. Bella holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Utah. When not working, Bella spends time with her husband and two sons enjoying Utah’s mountains and outdoor activities, from camping and paddleboarding to skiing.