Todd Bullock, I(ASCP)CM

Todd Bullock, MBA, I(ASCP)CM, LSSGB

Senior Healthcare Consultant

Ask me about: Laboratory operations, test ordering pattern analysis, laboratory stewardship

Sometimes the simplest solution can have the biggest impact—and that’s what Todd looks for when working with ARUP clients. It is particularly rewarding, he said, when that “something simple” gets a client excited about change and the client sees how valuable ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services is as a resource. Todd joined Healthcare Advisory Services after working in various disciplines in ARUP labs, including microbiology, immunology, and infectious diseases. He brings well-honed skills in lab stewardship and technical operations to ARUP’s clients and an expertise in the Lean/Six Sigma standards. He is currently working on a black belt in Six Sigma, and having this certification will enhance his ability to assess the technical operations aspects of client projects, giving him a keen eye for the fine details that impact workflows and the regulatory issues that may have fallen through the cracks. Todd said the best-kept secret about Healthcare Advisory Services is that they can pull from a variety of experts—pathologists, laboratorians, client services specialists, couriers—whatever a client may need. “One of the best aspects of working for ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services is that we’re free to make recommendations that are in the best interest of patient care and our clients. This truly embodies the spirit of ARUP and is a real point of pride,” he said. Todd earned a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and an MBA from the University of Utah. Away from work, Todd enjoys activities—indoors and out—that he can share with his wife and kids.