Kouver Bingham

Kouver Bingham, BS

Data Consultant II

Ask me about: Data pipelining and server development, analytics and data visualization, web application development

Kouver loves the predictability and precision of math. Numbers don’t lie, he said, which is why choosing a career in data analytics made sense for him. And while charts, graphs, and dashboards can be useful no matter the industry, Kouver said studying the numbers feels different at ARUP. It’s the purpose that matters. “Healthcare is a vital resource for people, and I’m proud to work for a company that plays such an important role in our community,” he said. As a member of the Healthcare Advisory Services team, Kouver appreciates the chance to use his skills in analysis, data consulting, code writing, and server development on a variety of projects, each with different goals. He also likes that ARUP doesn’t quit once a client report is generated. The Healthcare Advisory Services team is committed to making sure that the seeds sown through recommendations to clients grow into solutions and better patient care. That kind of dedication is what sets ARUP’s consulting services apart in the marketplace, Kouver said. The work also enables him to identify data-gathering opportunities in new areas of health system operations and imagine new ways of serving clients. A native of Utah, Kouver earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a bachelor's degree in physics and enjoys reading, hiking and backpacking Utah's wilderness, and loves making art and playing the guitar.