Do you have multiple labs operating in close proximity?

System Lab Alignment

Healthcare organizations continue to face pressure to improve outcomes with fewer resources and find ways to remain sustainable in an increasingly capitated environment. And the lab is often under scrutiny to determine how it can contribute to reducing costs. If you answered yes to the question above about multiple labs, you are at risk for having executives view your lab services as an expensive and inefficient commodity.

You can shift this perspective by consolidating your laboratory services, and ARUP’s laboratory consulting team can help select the optimal laboratory model, identify areas of opportunity to integrate and consolidate services, and build a financial model that quantifies the impact on billables, revenue, and labor.

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Our consolidation services include:

  • Alignment of your laboratories’ goals with corporate initiatives
  • An operational evaluation of full-service and rapid response/essential services laboratory operations
  • A comprehensive financial analysis that shows the impact on revenue and volumes as integration and/or consolidation occurs
  • A comprehensive business plan with options for consolidation:
    • Consolidation of outpatient, ambulatory, and outreach testing to a central location
    • Consolidation of referral testing to a central location, with reduction in the number of referral laboratories
    • Consolidation of esoteric testing through an internal test-sharing model

What’s the Advantage of Working With ARUP?

We bring our technical operations expertise, our outreach business planning, and our utilization management knowledge together to provide you with a comprehensive consolidation plan that eliminates redundancies and reduces costs.