ARUP Health and Wellness has made some important changes to the personal health profile (PHP) process.

These changes will make the process more convenient and help personalize your healthcare.

Changes include:

A more comprehensive PHP

Questionnaire can be completed at home or at ARUP

Provides for more personalized feedback

Below are steps for completing and understanding your 2021 PHP

Background on the Personal Health Profile

The PHP is given to all ARUP insured individuals (including spouses) and can decrease their insurance premiums for the next calendar year. Employees and their spouses do have a choice whether or not to complete the PHP. However, if you do not complete the PHP you will not receive the discounted insurance premiums for the 2022 calendar year.





Completing the PHP questionnaire

In July 2021, everyone who is required to complete the PHP will receive an email. (Please ensure that all email addresses are correct in UltiPro)

The email will contain your assigned month to schedule a PHP appointment and a link to the PHP questionnaire that you can complete at work or at home.

Your unique PHP code is required to sign in from home. Employees and their spouses are each assigned their own individual unique PHP code. If you have lost your PHP code, please email your full name and birthdate to the Family Health Clinic Lab at and your code can be provided to you. Please do not send PHP related inquiries via MyChart.

PHP questionnaire using an ARUP PC

PHP questionnaire using an external PC

Once you have successfully submitted your questionnaire, you will receive an email that will include useful health information and resources. Please disregard any automated messages that make reference to PHP appointment scheduling. After careful consideration, the FHC has decided that appointments will not be offered as part of the PHP for the 2021 calendar year.

Due to COVID-19, we are discontinuing all PHP clinic visits for 2021.







Patient Privacy and Optional Follow-Up


The collected information is viewed only by a small team consisting of our two pharmacists, one designated medical assistant, and the Family Health Clinic medical director. Their job is to follow up with those who have abnormal values (and have given us permission to follow up with them). Human Resources will not see any personal health information.

The first question on the PHP questionnaire asks if you give the PHP team permission to contact you regarding the results of your PHP. If you give permission, one of our healthcare professionals will contact you to review any abnormal values. If you do not want to follow up with the clinic regardless of the results, you may decline to be contacted regarding your PHP results.

Understanding your physical and mental health is very important at ARUP we have a variety of experts to consult regarding your PHP results

Take advantage of all of the great wellness services that are provided for you right here at ARUP know what your results mean and how you can improve them, visit our Wellness Center PHP interpretation for more information

You can schedule an appointment with one of our health care or wellness providers by calling the Family Health Clinic. Call 801-584-5144

If you are interested in mental health support you can make an appointment with our EAP therapist. Just call SupportLinc.1-888- 881-5462
For more information please see our FAQ page.